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La Siesta
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With your feet in the sand, enjoy a deckchair under a parasol for a real moment of relaxation. The private beach of La Siesta offers an unreal, timeless interlude but above all a moment of well-being with family or friends. Take the time to appreciate the Mediterranean and its soft clear waves.


Sharing a few tapas or a convivial lunch in front of a heavenly view, wouldn’t that be summer happiness? The menu celebrates Mediterranean cuisine.


We elaborate menus based on a choice of fresh and local products, proposing diversified dishes, while meeting the dietary requirements of each person.


Our goal is to offer healthy and natural food certified BIO, as well as a dish of the day and dishes around the sea.


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The restaurant La Siesta is an address not to be missed on the French Riviera for lovers of good food who want a friendly place and an exquisite menu! In a heavenly setting, enjoy quality cuisine with exceptional service. A cuisine with the scent of the south with local products.

Our menu

Let yourself be carried away by the menu to share a meal with family, friends or even two, on the beach or under the umbrellas.

Chill & relax

Every day, every moment //

“La Siesta is a place of elegance born from the charm of life, from the best that humans can bring us. The dreams, the desires, the memories of those happy days spent sleeping in the shade of a canisse, watching the boats go by and laughing with friends.”


The beach, provence & its heritage. The sand under your feet, wiggle your toes… You are on vacation, relax!


With your feet in the sand, enjoy the view and your dishes and its range of local flavors.


A unique open-air atmosphere punctuated by music and the clinking of glasses. Enjoy your cocktail facing the sea!

La Siesta

The place to be //



Enjoy sunbathing on one of our deckchairs, for a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Fresh fruit cocktails or “made-to-measure” creations


Sports activities

The co-manager, ex-professional at the National level of handball, plans to organize beach games open to all (initiations, games, etc)



With a more festive atmosphere at the end of the day, music and champagne, feet in the sand, head in the stars, eyes in the blue…


They trust us !

We surround ourselves with local partners who share the same view of the world.

Hana M.

Great private beach. We had a great day. The barriers are duly respected by the waiters. They are friendly and do their job well. The price of the deckchairs is a bit expensive but this private beach is one of the cheapest on the street! We recommend it of course !

Marie N.

A warm welcome organization at the top all very smiling helpful available thank you to Brandon adorable at the top frankly pleasant smiling nice. The salads and tapas nikel excellent. Bravo, Establishment that I really recommend.

Me Pagano😘



We use our knowledge and experience to make your day unforgettable.

Reserve your paradise ! You wish to celebrate your wedding, an anniversary or any other occasion, La Siesta offers you a heavenly setting.

The beach tranquility

The beach tranquility

SIESTA and its managers know the area very well and are well aware of the need for peace and quiet of the clients. We are aware of the quality of the place, and as a tourism company, we want to preserve the peaceful, pleasant and very attractive atmosphere of the...

Our environmental vision

Our environmental vision

Objective 0 plastic !  Very sensitive to the environment and to the conservation of our idyllic beaches, La Siesta is committed to replacing all plastic with biodegradable materials such as bamboo, braided fibers, cardboard of recognized environmental quality,...


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9:30 AM – 8.00 PM