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La Siesta is surrounded by local partners who share the same view of the world.

The Cap Santé group is a regional private group of local healthcare establishments, a major player in the region.

The City launches the Made in Saint Cyr brand and creates an economic cell to support local commerce and encourage the recovery of activity following the Covid 19 health crisis.

Le palais de la viande is a butchery located in Saint-Cyr sur mer, you will find quality meat at wholesale prices.

At the end of 1998, on the initiative of Mr. Jean Jacques DESCAMPS and the town of Loches, 32 small towns joined together to form the network of the Most Beautiful Detours of France. The aim was to offer a coherent tourist service that would allow visitors to discover the diversity of the French territory.

Qualité Tourisme was established by the French government in 2005 to label the various professionals and institutions working in the tourism sector. Customers can rely on this label, which recognizes companies offering quality services. 


The Marzini family bakery is located in Saint-Cyr where people can enjoy fresh bread and various pastries made with love.


The company Omega 3 Marée was founded in 2012 and offers a wide range of seafood products for restaurateurs, hoteliers and other food professionals.

Cordeil’s drinks is a dynamic and attentive team, a family business that offers a large choice of wines. Cordeil’s drinks frequently develops its range of wines by working essentially with wine growers.

Welcome to Erick’s world, a warm place where fruit, vegetables and delicatessen meet for the pleasure of the eyes, the nose and the taste buds. Here you will find everything you need to create real culinary poems with products rigorously chosen for their freshness and quality.

Our aperitifs in collaboration with Paola’s brunches.

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